Welcome to the 1st Dance and Swing Culture Festival in Aix en Provence !


Anna Rio

True passionate, Anna learned dance in several professional schools of classical, jazz, contemporary and Afro-contemporary dance.
She discovered Lindy Hop over 10 years ago and has devoted herself to it ever since. Well known in the swing world for her kindness, Anna teaches, participates in the organization of the Toulouse swing scene and in the biggest international competitions.

Jonatan Hedberg

Very athletic, Jonatan begins first with gymnastics.
It is a representation of "Harlem Hot Shots" which makes him completely a fan of Lindy Hop.
Since 2017, Jonatan lives in Toulouse where he trains and teaches with Anna. Jonatan shares his passion for Lindy hop locally, nationally and internationally at the biggest festivals.

Gustav Jakobsson

Gustav was rather sporty when one day his sister suggested he try Lindy Hop by going to Herräng (the biggest Dance Camp in the world which takes place in Sweden):
First course, and already lucky: boom: lesson with Frankie Manning!
Gustav is a dancer and full-time teacher in Barcelona. His teaching is focused on rhythm and fluidity. He works constantly to improve his movements by practicing Solo Jazz. He also likes to participate in competitions such as the Internationak Lindy Hop Championships in Washington, The European Swing dance Championship and Snowball in Stockholm.

Laia Puig Azagra

Laia started dancing at the age of six. She practiced ballet, contemporary and flamenco for six years. At the age of 12, she began to train and practice ballroom dancing. She then turned to Lindy Hop at 19 when her parents took her to a swing concert. Now a full-time dancer and teacher in Barcelona, she never lets go of her students to work on their rhythm and actively participate in the dance. She works on her Lindy Hop as much as solo jazz. Her goal: to combine fun, rhythm and humor in her dance. Laia enjoys dancing in shows and competing in Lindy Hop or solo dance: her achievements include victories in Snowball, ILHC and Lindy Shock.

Julie works and teaches at Jitterbugs, the most renowned of London’s Swing dance schools since 1994. Most of today’s British teachers have “apprenticed” with Julie. Professional dancer since 1987, Julie has danced all over the world and in the movies, on television (Strictly come dancing), in advertisements, pop videos and shows. Julie co-founded the authentic Jazz dance company ‘Zoots and Spangles’ with Ryan Francois with whom she worked for 9 years. Julie danced in the movie Swing Kids in 1992. In 1988, she even danced with the legendary Harold Nicholas and the singer Adelaide Hall with whom she became friends. Julie danced at Adelaide’s 90th birthday in 1991 at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Julie finally danced and taught with Frankie Manning in New York in 1994 and was her partner each year in the United Kingdom during the Jumpin ‘at the woodside dance camp.


Hi Swing-spirited People  


The Covid-19/Coronavirus has strongly impacted the Swing dance events scene an dours is no exception: so, we wanted to give you an update on the status of the Spirit of Swing Festival during this uncertainty period.

We’re intending for The Spirit of Swing Festival to happen as planned (the festival isn’t until beginning of June and we hope that this terrible epidemic will subside very soon).

However, our top priority is the health and safety of any attendee to this 1st event and of course of everyone.

So, we monitor the situation from our homes on a daily basis and we will decide what to do in the coming weeks with others volunteers and partners on the basis of the epidemic evolution and health official oganizations recommendations.

We’re hoping that this great morale booster that is the Swing Spirit (would it be on film, in music and of course in dance) is with you already and if not we will share posts about our progress, our festival, our partners to help you get or keep a high Swing Spirit.

For now, our team of volunteers works posters and cultural exhibitions.

We keep on being excited and keep up the good work to be ready for The Spirit of Swing to rise among everyone here in Aix en Provence !

The Spirit of Swing Festival organization

#staysafe #supportmedicalteams #keepuptheswingspirit