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Visitez Aix en Provence en vélos à assistance électrique


Aix en Provence tours on electric bike

Join our enthusiastic and local tourist guides to visit Aix en Provence on foot or by electric bike!
A rich heritage and a light that has inspired the greatest painters in the history of art: strolling through the streets of Aix is ​​a privilege, so let’s start our journey!
Biking is the best way to make the most of your visit.
Follow your guide and see more in 2 hours than many tourists in one day, without pain nor effort.
From the old town to the enchanting viewpoints in the immediate vicinity, rediscover the pleasure of biking nose in the air on our made in France e-bikes*.

* e bikes: electric bikes

Caravan Cowork

Donnez du « bounce » à votre travail à Aix-en-Provence !

Caravan Coworkin

Make your work « bounce » in Aix-en-Provence !

Professional, pleasant, accessible, economical & international working spaces in Aix en Provence!

– 4 private offices / 1 Open space / 10 ′ from the city center
– Excellent sound insulation
– 24/7 access
– Easy and free parking
– Fiber internet connection
– Photo and video studio
– Professional equipment and services

A pleasant international work environment and a community of dynamic and optimistic entrepreneurs!

Happy Danse

Chaussures de danses personnalisables

Happy Danse

Jump in, both feet !
Happy Danse distributes at the Spirit of Swing Festival and in its shop in Mimet en Provence a wide choice of dance shoes.
– Customizable
– Made in France
– Hand-assembled with the greatest care
– Unmatched comfort
– Flexibility, lightness and stability
– Large choice of heel shapes and heights, colors and materials
– Suede, indoor, leather or gomeflex soles
Create your unique model according to your foot and your desires by combining different models.
Our team of specialists will be at the festival and will advise you best in your choice.

Les Enfants Sauvages

Le déo à bille bio et zéro déchet, avec une efficacité sans égal ! Et une composition simple et honnête, made in France.

Les Enfants Sauvages

Organic Made in France and Zero Waste deodorant

Les Enfants Sauvages is:
– Zero Waste
– Organic and 100% natural
– 100% effective
William, the founder of Les Enfants Sauvages (The Wild Children), was looking for a deodorant that was both healthy, effective and zero waste. After searching for a long time without finding, he decided to launch his own deodorant.
After 2 years of research on the formulation and 1 year for its conception, William launched Les Enfants Sauvages and will be on the festival to present his deodorant.

Le bistrot sur facebook

Le Bistrot Méjanes

A warm restaurant in the heart of la Cité du livre

The bistro is a restaurant outside the tourist flow: Aix is not limited to Cours Mirabeau! Frequented by regulars, menu with various suggestions of the day … Very correct prices and especially fresh and seasonal quality products!

Our other sponsors

without whom, this festival would not exist!

1st success for the Spirit of Swing Festival with 103 donors in total who contributed (even after the campaign ended!)

Thank you all

What a boost !

They were the first to believe in our event

And to help us financially

g-mkadaram; toaasted4u; Maïté Perdereau; FredAix; mathilde-mertz; Junia; camillecaparos; rhian-h-w; Sandrine Giacomi; manon-reithler; Isabelle Guilleux; yoliyupe; claudine-bertocchi; Rémi Flandrin; sylvie-wallard; dompupier; grosstephan; Clairette Tincelle; lison-dumas; Baptiste Vltte; christinegalluser; mongoo; Sandrine Gombault; cabourgon; em13e; perotemilie; Simone Archer-Krauss; christine caens; margotquettelart; Pierre Dewas; Julie G.; cecilepub; sofynett; Elodie Fouquet; Yves Bastenier; philippe-golaz; Isabelle Peres; carolinedisle; lbauchot; nacho_ggt; manonarlettewelaratne; Chloé Dejardin; diego-audemard; Jérémy Favier; kmalfrait; gregory-bosc; m-grillierre; arlene-lonchampt; ruiz-daniel; georgesmootz; Nadine Larrouy; fr-richardvn; marine-by13; sarah-gremaud; Remy Charles; Francois Morales; maxmaillard; margaux-maire; virginiesarafian; Vincent Chaix; nguimbal; Damien Rabourdin; Cyril Petit;

Once started we worked hard

And we continue! Thanks to you !

They have contributed, liked, shared, continued to support us

for the festival to see the light of day

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The final sprint

Without you less than a week before the end of the campaign

We wouldn't have got there

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to all contributors and meet them

June 5, 6 and 7 for the 1st edition!


Hi Swing-spirited People  


The Covid-19/Coronavirus has strongly impacted the Swing dance events scene an dours is no exception: so, we wanted to give you an update on the status of the Spirit of Swing Festival during this uncertainty period.

We’re intending for The Spirit of Swing Festival to happen as planned (the festival isn’t until beginning of June and we hope that this terrible epidemic will subside very soon).

However, our top priority is the health and safety of any attendee to this 1st event and of course of everyone.

So, we monitor the situation from our homes on a daily basis and we will decide what to do in the coming weeks with others volunteers and partners on the basis of the epidemic evolution and health official oganizations recommendations.

We’re hoping that this great morale booster that is the Swing Spirit (would it be on film, in music and of course in dance) is with you already and if not we will share posts about our progress, our festival, our partners to help you get or keep a high Swing Spirit.

For now, our team of volunteers works posters and cultural exhibitions.

We keep on being excited and keep up the good work to be ready for The Spirit of Swing to rise among everyone here in Aix en Provence !

The Spirit of Swing Festival organization

#staysafe #supportmedicalteams #keepuptheswingspirit