Welcome to the 1st Dance and Swing Culture Festival in Aix en Provence !


2 photo exibitions at la Cité du livre Méjanes

With photographers Camille Perrin & Maxime Gobiliard

Camille Perrin

Photographer, Marseille
Camille has 2 great passions: photography and music. He therefore logically accepted our invitation to the Spirit of Swing where he will exhibit a selection of photos of the jazz concerts he has attended in recent years. Camille works a lot in black and white and his photographic universe is made up of clichés that seem straight out of a beautiful book on Jazz. From Didier Lockwood on stage to New Orleans street groups, Camille Perrin's work is always worth a look

Maxime Gobiliard

Photographer, Aix en Provence
Maxime is a self-taught photographer based in Aix-en-Provence. He works mainly in digital.
His practice turns to portrait photography, reportage and of course shows: concerts, dance or theater. Maxime has regularly worked with Lindy Hop dancers of the Aix scene since 2014. Check Aixtraswing.com, most of the photos are by Maxime Photogobi.

Hi Swing-spirited People  


The Covid-19/Coronavirus has strongly impacted the Swing dance events scene an dours is no exception: so, we wanted to give you an update on the status of the Spirit of Swing Festival during this uncertainty period.

We’re intending for The Spirit of Swing Festival to happen as planned (the festival isn’t until beginning of June and we hope that this terrible epidemic will subside very soon).

However, our top priority is the health and safety of any attendee to this 1st event and of course of everyone.

So, we monitor the situation from our homes on a daily basis and we will decide what to do in the coming weeks with others volunteers and partners on the basis of the epidemic evolution and health official oganizations recommendations.

We’re hoping that this great morale booster that is the Swing Spirit (would it be on film, in music and of course in dance) is with you already and if not we will share posts about our progress, our festival, our partners to help you get or keep a high Swing Spirit.

For now, our team of volunteers works posters and cultural exhibitions.

We keep on being excited and keep up the good work to be ready for The Spirit of Swing to rise among everyone here in Aix en Provence !

The Spirit of Swing Festival organization

#staysafe #supportmedicalteams #keepuptheswingspirit